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Indian Railways

Indian Railways

Indian Railways play a very important role in life of every Indian and it is very hard for any Indian to think of life without railways. Today, Indian Railways provide the best and the cheapest options for travelling in India. The biggest reason behind the success of Indian railway is its connectivity with most parts of India and cheap fares as compared to other means of transportation.

The Indian Railways is Asia’s largest and the world’s second largest rail network. Adopting e-Governance in right earnest and to reap the benefit of IT explosion, Indian Railways have established a ‘Corporate Wide Information System’ (CWIS) called RAILNET. It provides smooth flow of information on demand for administrative purposes, which would enable taking quicker and better decisions.

Realising the important role that information plays in customer services and in railways operations, IR had embarked on its computerisation program. IR developed a dedicated skeletal communication network, as a basic requirement for train operation. After the early introduction of basic computer applications e.g. Pay rolls, Inventory Control and Operating Statistics, Railways went for deployment of computers for productivity improvement through building up operational databases.

Like Indian Railways, their railway enquiry website is also very popular amongst Indians. Today, millions of people visit this website to enquire about trains between different stations, availability of seats in various trains, check pnr status, check fares, train schedule, special trains and learn about special announcements. is a very easy to navigate website, where people can easily get the desired information by selecting appropriate options.

In a country where people have large dependencies on Railways, these websites (  provide great help. Moreover, today a large number of Indians have access to the internet, therefore, they can easily access information related to Indian railways. In recent times, these website have gone through number of improvements for making it easier for people to use it.

Other related sites to this site are and for train enquiry and train booking respectively. Therefore, whenever people have any enquiry about Indian railway they can visit this website.

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