Railway Enquiry

Indian Railways is a vast network of trains and delay keep happening more often than not. In order for you to make sure that your train is running on time you need to seek Assistance of Railway Enquiry.

Railway Enquiry is an official communication department maintained by the Indian Railways. You can use the services to check the arrival/ departure time of your Indian Railway train.


Railway Enquiry


Accessing Railway Enquiry:

You can check the status of your train by using following services provided by railway enquiry:

1. 131 Railway Enquiry from land line phones – All you need to do is dial 131 and you will be connected to an Interactive Voice Response System which will tell you about the status of your train/ reservation confirmation or changes if any.

2. SMS based Railway Enquiry – many telephone service provider now days offer railway enquiry via sending an SMS

3. Online Railway Enquiry – As Internet penetration increases more and more rail travellers are using http://www.trainenquiry.com/ to find the status of the trains and www.indianrail.gov.in to check the status of the reservation.

Several Banks have also launched a notification system on their ATMs where travellers can check the statuses of their trains/ reservations.

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